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Post by CrossingOfWorlds on Thu May 25, 2017 1:12 pm

Personal Info-

(Augmentations and Abilities in second post)
Birth Name: Evelyne
Alias(es): Aria, Liora, Seraphine, Kaira
Nickname(s): Evangile, Li, Sera, Kai
Homeworld: Hedonis
Spoken Languages: English, Binary, Hexidecimal
[Note: Binary via electricity, Hexidecimal via Binary. As such, has to be hooked up to a machine to communicate with these]
Family: None Known.

Age: ~23-ish. Physically 18.
Species: Human, genemodded to an absurd degree.
Race: ???
Ethnicity: N/A
Nationality: Sukoin (CSS/USF)
Sex/Gender: Genderless but Feminine form.
Height: ~5ft?
Weight: ~90 lbs (surprisingly lightweight)
Physique: Washboard status (jk)
Skin: Pale
Hair: White
Eyes: Pinkish
Physical Strength: Very high despite misleading body type
Appearance Description: Image at bottom of post 2
Hobbies and Interests: Food, Her Job

Sexual Orientation: Bi via Genderless. [Note: I don’t, and will not, ERP]
Mental Disorders: Minor Psychopathy [Morals? what Morals? Note: That being said, not the insanity you'd expect from media's presentation]
Illnesses or Conditions: Immune to common sicknesses, able to adapt to rarer ones over the course of a few days.
Fears: None in particular, not a fan of intense heat and cold though.
Religion: N/A

Epithet: USF's Evangile
Occupational Title: 'Emissary'
Years of Service: Confidential (1 in training, 4 in service)
Current Employer: USF, if you consider that particular form of “employment”
Political Affiliation(s): USF
Allegiance(s): USF/CSS

Backstory: [Data Expunged]
Personality: Shifts as needed due to her line of work, she can be as convincing or unconvincing an actor as she needs.
Additional Notes: Listed where relevant

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Evangile's Aria Empty Re: Evangile's Aria

Post by CrossingOfWorlds on Thu May 25, 2017 4:08 pm


Tech Augmentation(s):
-ARLink (Custom)- It provides the ultimate in internet browsing, connecting from anywhere due to systems based on Quantum Entanglement. Additionally, the user will never need to worry about frame rate and visual quality, as it projects it right into the part of your brain that handles vision! Mobility at the cost of processing power is also a thing of the past, all processing is handled in a remote location and instantly transferred via entanglement to the ARLink chip in your brain! Hackers, you say? Due to the nature of Quantum Entanglement, it's guaranteed that they'll never be able to track it to the server, and the chip's outputs are encrypted uniquely for each mind! [Note: Mostly used to contact the USF with untraceable calls immune to jamming, a convenient side effect of Quantum Entanglement. Actually, the only customization was Evelyn personally tuning it to access the less-than-legal parts of the net, the rest was left untouched]
-Specialty Imaging Unit- Functions as a special 'camera' to allow Evelyn perfect vision regardless of light level. Can still be obscured via debris clouds and whatnot, but seemingly immune to magic.

[Note: Due to genetic anomalies mentioned further below, these have all been completely assimilated into Evelyn. They still function as they should but cannot be found/removed/disrupted/knocked loose/disconnected/etc. To most scans, they either simply no longer exist or Evelyn's entire body reacts as if it was the scan target.]

Genetic Augmentation(s): Due to a lovely time at the USF, these aren't really "Augmentations" anymore. Rather, these are Evelyn's current biological condition.
-Rather than have internal organs like most species, instead she has a single Core with which every cell in her body is controlled. Due to this, even if you happen to behead her, for example... she'll still be alive, albeit worse for the wear and obviously not human. However, if the Core is damaged... it can only be repaired by the absorption of certain uncommon materials. Interestingly, being able to control every cell in her body allows Evelyn to create 'circuits' for psychic and magic energies, recreating any abilities she's both studied extensively and experienced personally. Only one circuit each can be active at a time, swapping out a circuit takes a few seconds typically. highly advanced circuits can take up to 5 minutes to switch to, the time will be listed in such circuits. Additionally, such circuits cannot be used alongside another unless specified otherwise.

-Devour (physical, natural) [A natural ability that allows Evelyn to turn any of her body parts into a predator-like form. Its range is about 5ft, and its bites are capable of crushing most standard metals.]
-Electrokinetics (psychic, learned, 3ft) [An ability capable of generating and controlling electricity. Magnetism can be generated via electrical currents, but not directly manipulated. The theory is that of normal electrical phenomena]
-Gate Creation (portal, magic, learned, visualization, direct eyesight) [The ability to generate semi-permanent gateways that link the user's location to another. The theory is based on replicating the functionality of wormholes via magic, without meeting most of a wormhole's highly impractical requirements.]

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