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System Unknown

Post by CrossingOfWorlds on Wed Oct 04, 2017 6:03 pm

Name: Eno Thema Ersatz
Epithet: 'Excessive Simulation'
Species: Human [Modified]
Age: 25
Gender: F
Talents: Synthetic Biology (Cybernetics and Electrical Engineering are her particular specialties). Between her skill at electrical engineering and being familiar enough with what's needed to protect or kill a creature, she can make her own weapons and armor. Being familiar with how not to trash a body in the process means that with enough resources, custom powersuits also aren't out of the question.

Personality: Fairly laid back unless something catches her interest. She's not one to bother with intimate relationships since it'd take time away from research, and she's also not one to give up on something that seems impossible. She may, retreat, regroup, and try other tactics however. Between her laid back attitude and her willingness to correct inaccuracies regardless of peasant or president, let alone anywhere in between, she can be considered arrogant.

Bio: 'Due to an incident in the past'... well, you'd expect that kind of opening, wouldn't you? Well, it's nothing so cliche as that. Eno is effectively a rogue specialist, working on her research while refusing to by tied down by the requirements of another organization ever again. The reason? You're seriously asking a lady her secrets? Well, suffice to say she got kicked out of such an organization for using their equipment to modify her own body, replacing both eyes with cybernetics as well as adding (rather valuable) equipment to her brain to be able to actually process the data provided by her new eyes, as well as to allow her to switch modes at a thought. The circumstances and policies behind the resulting exile... let's not get into that, mmk? As it is, the resources she used in the modification process weren't cheap, although she did pay for it out of pocket, and they weren't the type of materials that could just be reacquired at the drop of a hat (nor even a stack of bills). Currently, she resides in an old one-person bunker just below the surface, apparently from the days where alien sightings were just paranoia and conspiracy theories. She's patched it up and outfitted it with similarly old solar panels, which are just enough to power the custom sleeping pod (developed by herself, of course) to charge cybernetics. Other needs, you say? Never underestimate a good 'ol fire. That aside, she's currently looking to upgrade the panels so that she can live a less inconvenient lifestyle and so she can actually power her research.

Abilities: Eyes are capable of shifting along the electromagnetic spectrum, providing effective night vision as well as more niche uses such as tracking radio waves. Standard zoom and high speed features were also implemented, capable of reaching microscopic levels and tracking things moving in excess of 300 mph as equivalent to what's referred to as 'smooth pursuit' for a normal human's eye. As an equivalent to 'Saccades movement', it should be possible to register objects going in excess of mach 1 at close range, at the expense of being unable to truly observe such an object (it would blur, like that produced from a normal person waving their arm in front of their eyes as fast as they could). Brain processing power has also been increased by the amount required to handle such high speed visual data. Notably, while this means they could decide on their reaction faster, it does not equate to their body being able to move at a suitable speed to evade such a high speed object. (ie, can see the bullet but only be able to shift their position rather than preform even a partial dodge). The final two abilities afforded by the cybernetics is that it can interface with exosuits and computers, overlaying the display directly onto her vision to substitute as a monitor.

Main Weapon: (currently, none)
Sidearm: Gem 26
Armor: Modified T-R-81
-Helmet: Adjusted to avoid interfering with her cybernetic eyes' functionality, while still protecting them. Added a radio, capable of interfacing with her cybernetics.
-Chest: Unmodified
-Arms: Standard hologram projector, unmodified
-Thighs: Holster and Ammo compartment, capable of automatic reloads. It's not faster than a person, but it is just easier.
-Legs: Unmodified


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