Incarnate Project (why have i not done this earlier?)

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Incarnate Project (why have i not done this earlier?) Empty Incarnate Project (why have i not done this earlier?)

Post by CrossingOfWorlds on Tue Oct 31, 2017 1:36 pm

Basic Info

Weapon Type: Varies
Weapon Effects: Vampirism, Wish granting, others vary

Points of interest:

Character is nearly constantly hungry due to weapon drawing off user's metabolism and it's own vampirism to constantly amass power to use for self-boosting until "discharged" as a wish. Hence, even if they manage to eat their fill they'll get hungry again an hour or so later.

Anyone in that bloodline has their own unique variant, and the blade + user cannot be affected by the wishes (ie, can wish for food, but not weapon enhancements or immortality or whatnot). The more powerful the wish, the more power consumed (no duh), and blade can resurrect the user if enough power is amassed

The weapon won't disappear if user dies, so if someone feeds the blade enough blood/raw magic/energy in general (blood has quickest results) eventually it'll resurrect the user (Mind first, temporarily inhabiting the blade, body later when the Mind deems it a good time... so long as enough power is amassed.) Hence, the bloodline is technically immortal and past generations can resurrect if the need is felt and power requirement is met.(edited)
Basic Info (cont.)

Attempting to resurrect someone else however costs twice as much power as self-resurrection, and converts them into one of this bloodline (weapon included, and converts their own powers into aspects of their new weapon although they lose said powers) and has a few other undecided requirements. Species/Race remains the same, however.

Summoning of future generations is possible (cheaper than resurrection, has more requirements though), and older generations can resurrect as a more "ideal" and younger body. This and the previous point lead to some very "interesting" family trees, as you can probably imagine.

Weapon has no sentience (except in rare occasions, or during resurrection process), it's just linked to the character's bloodline as a form of ancestral magic.

If the weapon is something from the far future or distant past, it's unique abilities are more potent. Something that's a combination of the two is even more potent. It won't ever be something primitive, however. (IE, there won't be anything like a simple wooden club, but there could be ye old legendary weapon from the dawn of time)


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