CWVerse; Tier 7 Regokinetics attempt

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CWVerse; Tier 7 Regokinetics attempt Empty CWVerse; Tier 7 Regokinetics attempt

Post by CrossingOfWorlds on Mon Jun 05, 2017 11:47 am

Various Uses of Vector Manipulation:

  • Absolute Defense to anything that can be understood with conventional physics
        -Chronolock by redirecting even higher dimensional vectors
  • Flight by canceling the vectors of gravity or by using wind vectors as self-propulsion.
  • Acceleration
  • Aversion Field
  • Passive Deflection
  • Wind Manipulation
        -Plasma Manipulation by redirecting and compressing wind.
  • Can manipulate the blood-flow of an individual
  • Can rewrite memories and personalities of an individual via redirecting the brain's electrical impulses
  • Can mimic certain superhuman physical characteristics, such as superhuman strength and speed
  • Can induce Dust Explosions


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