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Post by CrossingOfWorlds on Tue Oct 31, 2017 1:36 pm

be in second post, if i get around to it. Data on this 'clan' will be found [color=#6600FF]-in this clickable text.-
As a warning, this is as-is from my old NGNL days. I have not had the time nor inclination to optimize it as of yet.]
Bio Data-
Name- Enno Thema
Species- Formerly Human
Physical Age- 17
Clan- Incarnate
Bloodseeker- Bewitching Shoggoth
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Details on: Bewitching Shoggoth
>An unusual Bloodseeker that isn't bound to one particular host. Instead, it transfers itself from person to person, taking the consciousness of all previous hosts with it, and changing form based on the dominant mind. If the current host dies, so do all such lingering minds. Such lingering personalities might also be able to take control of the current host if they're strong enough, like Enno was. Enno's version of this weapon is probably closest to it's 'true' form, manifesting as a jelly of sorts residing in the gaps between the cells of her body, with a crystal core formed around her heart that emits and controls the negative emotions of it's hosts as tangible, manipulable energy. The standard abilities of this clan's weapons also apply, alongside the 'knowledge' that Shoggoth is restraining it's full range of power. It has been speculated by the collective hosts that the full range would include the negative emotions of other beings within an undeterminable range as well as being capable of 'defining' the emotions into currently unknown forms of matter.


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