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Post by CrossingOfWorlds on Thu Nov 09, 2017 2:58 pm

Name: Ádísa
Race: Human, descended from Jörmungandr, the World Serpent
Phys Age: 17
Gender: F
Bio: A girl with the heritage of a monstrous serpent, the arch-enemy of Norse God Thor, a battle doomed to end in mutual destruction during Ragnarok. The details of Ádísa's birth are lost, but the past matters little in face of her accomplishments. She has mastered the meanings of all runes, has trapped Dverger and forced(?) them to forge a replica of the legendary Dáinsleif, and has slain numerous other bloodlines of godly stock similar to her own... well, some of the stories that've cropped up in her world have been highly exaggerated as the glory-loving Norse are wont to do, but these three achievements are the most accurate. She is considered to be an expert runemage and her replica of Dáinsleif is no joke, although she'd beg to differ a bit on the details of how she obtained it. She is truly of godly descent, and seems to have inherited her talent for magic from 'Grandpa Loki' alongside a bit of Jörmungandr's power.

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    -Runic Magic: Capable of creating magic based on the meanings of Norse Runes. She has memorized the meanings of all runes, although she can only handle spells of 7 simultaneous runes or less without assistance from another mage. Conveniently, assistants do not need to be familiar with runic magic, they only need rudimentary knowledge of how to produce and channel Mana.
    -Dáinsleif R: Once unsheathed, the wielder cannot withdraw from battle nor sheath it until it has slain someone. Due to a magically altered form of Jörmungandr's poison, wounds created by this weapon cannot be treated through means other than that of a normal human's natural recovery. This includes any form of enhanced regeneration, healing and curing magics, potions and medicines, even non-magical first aid or surgery... this is theorized to even affect beings capable of reforming themselves from nothing, and other such forms of resurrection. This replica has never been tested against such an opponent, however. Unfortunately, this weapon cannot be directly enhanced by runes nor used as a base for runic attacks.
    -Sky Dance: Due to 6 runes inscribed on each shoe [ᛏᚢᛁᛇᛖᛚ], they can create a thin platform of floating ice under each step while active. These do not move, they do not provide any form of propulsion, and they do not persist. They merely provide her the ability to walk/run on air and water.

    -Jörmungandr is considered to be a child of Loki and the giantess Angrboða, alongside 'siblings' Fenrir and Hel. hence the magic. Dáinsleif on the other hand, i had to choose between 'wounds that never heal' or 'even a scratch = death' effects from the actual legends, and obviously 'wounds that never heal' is the less broken of the two. the Jörmungandr poison is just an aesthetic touch since it's a replica of the original sword.
    -A guide on runes can be found in the following link, alongside various spells people have thought up. As a warning, she is not limited to the spells found in that thread, and furthermore, that thread was designed around Type-Moon's Fate franchise. While the meanings listed are indeed the real meanings for each rune, certain references in the spells (such as 'Bounded Fields', 'Magic Circuits', and 'Mystic Codes') will not apply to this character.
    -Lastly, due to the Dáinsleif Replica, all fights involving this character are under Death-match auto consent. You may kill her if you win, and she is typically forced to kill you if you lose.


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